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having reached that time in life when i no longer have to make the daily trek into work i have the time to take a leisurely look back over a long and interesting working life. right at the very start i developed an interest in photography and consequently i have built up quite a large collection of photographs spanning back more than forty years. sadly the majority of my photographs are stored away in boxes that are themselves tucked away in cupboards - very rarely being looked at by anybody. some of these photographs deserve to be seen by a wider audience and what better way to share them than the internet. so that is what this site is all about, a selection of my photographs that i want to share with anyone who is interested.

i have only just registered the site and i am currently sorting through my photographs to decide which ones to use. as is true of many things, this all takes time and whilst i want to get the site up and running as soon as possible - it isn't there yet. the intention is to gradually build it up over the coming weeks and months. so please call back every now and then to see if there is anything new.

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